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Randy and Kimberly Jones | Montana Ranch Ropers


Our Family:

Hi!  We're Randy and Kim Jones.  Together with our children, Reata, Rhett, and Kaehl, we enjoy living the lifestyle of the American cowboy!  Here's a little more about us:  


Randy is a talented horse trainer, roper, and leatherworker.  His family is well known in the Bitterroot Valley, in Western Montana, for their knowledge of cattle and horses, and it's a skill Randy embraced from a young age.  


Kim is a stay at home mom who loves cooking.  Randy is a good sport and tries anything she prepares.  Being the daughter of a small town farmer, Kim is passionate about supporting local farmers & ranchers and offering meals to friends, family, and all who attend clinics at the home place!


We live in Stevensville, Montana on a great horse property, with plenty of room for horses, dogs, and children to run and play.  We have a large riding arena, warm barn, and a great leatherworking shop.  We're set up to serve your needs, so give us a call!


Jones Family

Our Philosophy:

Randy & Kim would like to encourage people to learn, be safe, practice, and become knowledgeable in the horse/cattle industry. It is their goal to teach, inspire and push others to become aware of the great American Cowboy and his lifestyle. There is nothing like him around the world, and it is important that people remember why he does what he does. 


The Western sub-culture in the USA is very unique. We would like to help preserve the honor, respect and history of it. We would like to consider ourselves teachers: for those who know nothing about the American Cowboy and for those who would like to enhance what they already know. Our family is knowledgeable in saddles and leatherwork, roping, horsemanship and the Western culture. 




The American Cowboy:

We encourage you to read more about the American Cowboy and where these traditions were born.  Our specialty is allowing you to actually live that lifestyle, through traditional training techniques on our horses, as well as creating customized cowboy tack & gear.  Here are some links to websites we enjoy:


The Original Californios Ranch Roping

Cowboy Traditions Ranch Roping

Western Montana Ranch Roping

Buckaroo Business

Buck Brannaman


Montana Ranch Roping
Montana Ranch Roping
Montana Ranch Roping
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