Horses Currently for Sale:

Our horses have been selected by breeding, personality and conformation for performance. We use them in all aspects of riding and ranch work inside the arena and out. Some have had cutting training, some team roping, some calf roping, and possibly an introduction to dressage: all of our horses have been treated with respect and have been taught to think through situations presented before them.


We enjoy training horses. There is a special feeling when you see a colt give to the halter for the first time, his first reaction with a saddle on, his motion he understands leg pressure, and the feeling of that 1st big stop. We love when our horses take a leap in learning. That is why we train more horses than we can keep - we hope that you get to enjoy them too!

Cajunistic Spear (Little Vic)

Asking Price: $18,000

Location: Stevensville, MT

Born: May 4, 2012

Breed/Color: AQHA Bay Gelding

Hands: 15.3

Description: Little Vic is a finished bridle horse. He is best suited for ranch work and team roping. He has Boon Dox John, Sun Frost, Top Moon & Cowboy Drift on his papers. He is as solid as they come when you are on top of him: on the ranch, in the box, rodeo, or on the trail. He is consistent, quick & strong. He starts hard, jumps to cattle, and will not get outrun. He makes nice, crisp corners. He has roped big cattle, been branded on, and has handled other horses. He is not a kids horse or for beginners, as he is in tune with his riders. He reads your hand, seat, and cattle well. He leaves the box when you ask him. This is a horse that will take you to the pay window and is a very consistent jackpot horse. He has won money in local team ropings, ranch ropings, ranch rodeos, and team brandings. His most recent earnings are from the Pot of Gold Team Roping Series in Florence, MT, placing 3rd for the 2019 season in heading. He won the Local Round Robin Jackpot at the Helmville Rodeo, never missing a steer for his heelers in 2019. He does like to move when you get on, so he is not for someone who can't swing on quickly. That being said, he is always our top horse to get the job done. He knows the job when it comes to roping, and your job is just to rope!

Commanding Way (Sauce)

Asking Price: $16,500

Location: Stevensville, MT

Born: April 18, 2011

Breed/Color: AQHA Bay Gelding

Hands: 15

Description: Sauce is a high caliber heel horse, seasoned rope horse, and great trail horse. He will take minimal effort to finish your way in the heel box. If the steers are fast, he will get you there. This is a quick footed horse who powers out of the box for higher numbered ropers. He is not for beginners, as he does what you ask. He has won money in ranch ropings, team brandings, ranch rodeos, and a local jackpot team roping at the Helmville Rodeo. He is a horse that can sit for months and stays broke with no buck. This horse is a powerhouse: he starts hard, fast, and flat. He hunts his steer. He is ready to go on and win money in a competitive home. If you prefer a safe trail and ranch horse to move cows, he will do it all day. He has seen big country and has enough heart to travel wherever you point him. Sired by Milky Way 499 out of a Doc o Dynamite daughter. If this horse interests you, please contact us - his value is worth a lot more as a performance horse in team roping, but he is not being used with us to his full potential and would like to place him where he will truly be appreciated and ridden.



Asking Price: $3,500

Location: Stevensville, MT

Born: 2018

Breed/Color: AQHA Buckskin Mare

Hands: 14.2

Description: Quincy is a beautiful prospect. She has had a nice little start to her but not many rides. She will need a soft but firm hand to advance her training. She is a free-mover and is light on her feet. She will develop into a solid built horse who can go in any direction: show, halter, barrels, roping, etc. She moves nicely and is forward without a lot of leg. We will continue her training and plan to introduce her to roping in the spring of 2021. She is Sir Quincy Dan bloodlines on the top and an Invest Your Bucks granddaughter on the bottom. She was bought at the NILE and is eligible to show in the Gold Buckle Futurity.


Past Sale Horses:

Enjoy this gallery of our horses, who have gone on to new adventures.



Sold: Private Sale, 2020

Location: Stevensville, MT

Born: 2008

Breed/Color: POA, Grey Gelding

Hands: 13.2

Description: Tucker is a great pony who will keep up with the big horses. He will go wherever you point him, rope, and pack adults. He is best suited for lead-line or as a step-up horse. He is a great babysitter for kids on a lead-line. He will kick up his feet at a lope if he has some time off, hence why he is best suited for aggressive kids off lead-line. He can be credited with teaching our oldest how to be a great rider, as he is sensitive yet sensible. He will rope and brand. He is an awesome pony for kids to learn to swing their rope off of and rope the dummy. Tucker is ready to teach his next kid how to be a great rider.



Sold: Private Sale, 2020

Location: Stevensville, MT

Born: June 2014

Breed/Color: Grade Black Gelding, Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Percheron

Hands: 16.3


Coal is a half brother to our favorite, Big Al. He has the potential to be just as versatile and athletic. We bought him and started him as a 5 year old. He has been exposed to trails, arenas, new places, kids, dogs, etc. We recently entered him into a ranch roping and he did very well. He hooks onto cattle and is learning to hold a rope and pull. He is a big, strong horse with loads of potential. We will be branding on him all spring and his price will go up then. He is not for a kid or a beginner because he needs more experiences to be safe for those without experience.


Big Al

Sold: Private Sale, 2018

Location: Stevensville, MT

Born: 2011

Breed/Color: Grade Brown Gelding. Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Percheron

Hands: 17

Description: Big Al is a very versatile horse. He has seen and done a lot: trail, ridden Western & English, worked cattle, ridden across big country & in the arena, hauled to many new places, ridden in and won competitions, ridden by multiple people, ranch cutting, roped on, ridden in front of crowds, ridden by children, trained to the highest level of the Californios-style bridle horse. He has different gaits, beautiful carriage, and is a sweetheart. He is young and willing enough to continue his training in other disciplines, if that is what you want him for (his half brother is winning at the Novice & Training Levels in 3 Day Eventing and has competed at Rebecca Farms. To see him look at our sold horses). This horse reads your seat very well and takes little hand contact. He is a pleasure to have and he is great around children and other animals. He has the versatility & lateral movement from the QH, gentility from the Percheron, and will go all day like a TB. He is a horse that you can love on and know you will enjoy your ride. Clean x-rays in hand, current from 8/6/18.



Sold: Private Sale, 2018

Location: Stevensville, MT

Born: 2013

Breed/Color: Grade Paint Gelding

Hands: 15.2

Description: Boomer is a smooth mover with a relaxed personality. He enjoys working cows and being loved on. He is ready and willing to try anything that you point him to and may make a kids horse with more experiences under saddle. He has had experience working cows, roping, with collection, in and out of the arena, and has been hauled. He needs some more experience to make him totally solid, but he is coming along quickly. We have not team roped on him or tried him in dressage, but he is a horse that could be finished in any discipline. His beautiful, natural carriage will earn you points in any show!



Sold:  Private Sale, 2017

Location: Stevensville, MT

Born: 2008

Breed/Color: Grade Black Gelding

Hands: 15.2

Description from Sale Ad: Iggy is a nice bridle horse who has traveled a lot of miles on a ranch. He is gentle, dependable and sound. He has been ridden all day in the mountains, by himself, to rope and doctor cattle. He is seasoned in the branding pen. He would be a good step-up for a kid who is ready for a little more horse or an adult's reliable mount. This horse could make a great jackpot horse, with a little bit of specialized team roping time, to be good at either end. Good around dogs and small children. Mellow personality. Great using horse!



Shy Ole Cajun (Copper)

Sold:  Private Sale, 2016
Born: May 29, 2012

Breed/Color: AQHA Bay Gelding

Hands: 15.1

Description from Sale Ad: Copper is a racing and rodeo bred gelding. his dam was a Montana HS Champion calf horse. He has Boon Dox John, Sun Frost, Shy Ole Man, The Ole Man & Quincy Dial on his papers. Copper is started with about 45 rides to date. He can stretch out and run or collect into a nice lope. He has been exposed to cows, ropes and has pulled a few calves to the fire. He has the potential to be a barrel, rodeo or all-around ranch horse. He would be best suited for an intermediate-advanced rider, as he doesn't have many miles on him yet. He has been ridden inside barns and out in big pastures. He has not bucked, is good with his feet and has been around small children and dogs. He may amp up his energy when exposed to new things, but will look to his rider for support. If you leave him off for a few months, he is still the same quiet horse that will remember what he has learned and walk off when you step on.



Sold:  Private Sale, 2013

Born: 2007

Breed/Color: Grade Black Gelding

Hands: 15.3

Description from Sale Ad: Welfare is a quarterXpercheronXTB who has had a lot of pages in his book. He has seen some big country, has pulled a lot of calves to the fire, roped & doctored yaks, and is relaxed in an arena setting. He has been ridden in the 2-rein and has the potential to become a bridle horse. He is for an intermediate to advanced rider. He can be spooky on the ground, but he is all bluff. This horse will thrive as a broke ranch gelding, as he has been there done that, but has the potential to be a great eventing horse. He has a beautifully elevated trot and a smooth, easy lope. Welfare is a lot of fun to ride and thrives on affection.



Drift N Dinero (Dinero)

Sold:  Private Sale, 2013

Born: 2006

Breed/Color: AQHA Buckskin Gelding

Hands: 15.3

Description from Sale Ad: Dinero is a well finished and flashy gelding. He is sensitive to your touch and moves out nicely. He has had professional cutting and roping training. He has been headed and heeled on. He placed 1st with his rider as a heading horse in a team roping round robin at the Helmville Rodeo in 2011. He has traveled rough country, gathered cattle and pulled many calves to the branding fire. He was ridden at the Californios Ranch Roping Competition in 2011 and placed 2nd in the 2-rein class as a 5 year old. He is a strong and powerful horse for an intermediate to advanced rider. Although not finished in any specific area, it shouldn’t take more than a few months for him to excel in one field such as team roping or barrel racing. He has been bred for rodeo and racing.


Shy & Cajunistic (Speck)

Sold:  Private Sale, 2015

Born: 2011

Breed/Color: AQHA Bay Filly

Hands: 15

Description from Sale Ad: This filly has 80+ days of riding and is doing well. She is quick, athletic, tracks, and has roped calves and yearlings. She is soft, gentle and has a heart to please. She is healthy, sound and has great bone structure. She has a lot of speed, if you ask for it. She is racing and rodeo bred and is ready to continue her training in a specialized field or to be your everyday pleasure horse. This mare’s dam was ridden in the Montana HS Finals in 1996 and allowed her rider to win 1st in calf roping.

Sale Video: Speck Video




Ima Char Olena (AJ)

Sold:  The Nile, 2011

Born: 2004

Breed/Color: AQHA Red Roan Gelding

Hands: 15

Description from Sale Ad: AJ is a great all-around using horse. He has been roped off of in the branding pen and outside extensively. He has also chased horses and has been ridden over some rugged country. He knows how to cut cattle and has been started team roping as a heel horse. This horse will watch a cow with the best of them. He has even been ridden by my 5 year old niece. This horse has TRULY done it all!

Sale Videos:




"Randy and Kim are very honest and kind people. They have great knowledge and know the horse business. It has also been very nice to keep in touch with them to let them know how well Copper is excelling. It goes a long ways and reassures us that we purchased Copper from the right folkswhen they continue to follow the horses that they have sold!"

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