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Custom Saddle Maker


About our Saddles:


Randy grew up around saddle building in his dad's leather repair shop.  He has since learned the trade and enjoys building saddles in his free time.  He usually builds 2-4 completely custom saddles a year: taking custom orders or building something new for himself with the idea that he may eventually sell it and build again.  He uses the finest quality of leather to create unique and well-made custom saddles.  



Our custom saddles are handcrafted with care, made

with leather & love.


Don't see one you love?

Ask us about customizing a saddle for you!  Click HERE


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Randy has been building and selling custom saddles for years.  Click on the image to view a gallery of a few of these saddles, in use, and appreciated by their new owners!


If you like what you see, click HERE to get a custom quote.


Montana Custom Saddles


"My Randy Jones saddle has been an outstanding ranch saddle on a traditional cattle ranch, southwest of Dillon, MT. A go-to saddle for any ranch chore including drives, gathers, branding and doctoring. We put in plenty of 12 to 14 hour days. I have always been comfortable, sometimes tired, but never sore. That goes for my big horse, Danny, as well. That saddle still looks as good as when I got it four years ago. Definitely a keeper.” 

                                                                                                                                  Jim Head, Horse Prairie Ranch, Dillon, Montana

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